2013-08-28 Updates

The tour guide is now updated with new shows plus we welcome Jane Kitto as our new bass player…Awesomeness.

Oh, and here’s a new live video from the festival “Olsta Rocken”. The track is called “Fish Stew” and will be on our next album, set to be recorded during the fall / winter of 2013…stay tuned



2013-03-03 Page is being updated

The page is currently being updated – this means “Home” and “News” are containg the same info… the rest of the pages on the site are workin’ normaly.

2013-03-03 On Spotify!

Now you can find Flower Punch on Spotify – Free streaming of the entire album. Enjoy!

2013-02-27 Flower Punch goes Facebook

We have set up a Facebook page for Flower Punch to close the distance to our listeners. There are already more than 300 friends present after 10 days and the number increases every day – if you haven’t signed in and liked the page already, go to:


The page is driven by frontman Pna Andersson. C u there!

2013-02-17 Flower Punch releases their first official video

Here is our first official video taken from the debut album “Flower Punch”…it wil be released over facebook and the web on the 18:th of Februari but we’re releasing it one day earlier here. Pretty pleased ’bout the cartoon part…its hand drawn and animated by me (Pna), inspired by the artwork for the album. Hope you enjoy it!


2013-02-17 Flower Punch is finally on facebook!

Yes, we have bent our minds for the masses and have finally launched a facebook page…100% music – 0% “Look what i ate today..”

Visit us at:


2013-02-06 Flower Punch live on ABC Darwin

If you are living in the NT, Australia, make sure to tune in to ABC Darwin 105.7 tomorrow the 7th of Feb at 2.40 PM. Flower Punch will make an acoustic performance live in the studio together with Kitto to promote their NT shows. If you live somewhere else in the world, just tap into www.abc.net.au/darwin

…just surfin’ them waves!!!

2013-02-06 Release date, Vids & Shows

The self-titled debut album “Flower Punch” has finally got a release date, the 26th of Februari 2013. The album will be released worldwide via Scarecrow Recordings (Sweden) and will also be available for download/streaming on iTunes and Spotify.

Flower Punch will also make two acoustic shows in NT Australia,  sharing the bill with “Kitto”. These shows will be without guitar player Tobias Jakobsson and J.B on drums and only feature Pna & Jane. We hope to see you there if you live in the area!! See the details in the “Tour” section.

2013 will be a good year!!

2012-12-10 After almost a year in progress- the self titled debut album is done!

We’re very excited to say the least and we are currently workin’ on settin’ a release date for this puppy.

It will be released trough Scarecrow Recordings (world wide) and we expect it to hit the stores sometime between Feb-Mars 2013.

For now, here’s a taste of what the CD looks like (Digi-Pack). There will also be a limited LP version available down the road

plus Spotify, iTunes whatever jadijaha

More excitin’ news are on the way so please make sure to pop in here from time to time to keep yourself updated!