Line-Up: Jane Kitto: Backing Vocals & Bass / Tobias Jakobsson: Lead Guitars / Pna Andersson: Lead Vocals & Guitars  / J.B Johansson: Drums


Flower Punch sprung to life in late 2011 in Stockholm-Sweden, but was in fact a life long vision for front man Pna Andersson.

After serving the underground scene for nearly a decade, touring the world with Australian grunge act Kitto and Swedish metal act Netherbird, time finally made space for yet another band and Pna decided to materialize his dream.

First to join the ranks was his long time friend and multi-instrumentalist Tobias Jakobsson (Nowadays also bass-player in Netherbird). His strong solos and emphatic playing captured the nerve of Pna’s song craft and left a solid mark in the sound. Soon after, drummer Robert Bäck (ex-Kitto/Sabbaton) joined the band and finally the Australian power house Jane Kitto (Kitto) on bass & backing vocals who with her mesmerizing vocals and haunting percussion framed the vision and placed the last piece of the puzzle.

Together they formed a sound that stretched from ambient acoustic Hindu-folk to heavy down tuned stoner chops. The goal was clear: let the music stay dynamic and wide but always within reach for the audience and Flower Punch quickly earned them selves a reputation has a haunting live act drenched in hand painted stage props and flowers.

After just a few shows, Bäck was sadly forced to leave the band to make time for his new full time commitment Sabbaton. During this time, Flower Punch was ready to hit the studio and was already booked for a UK tour. They decided to move on with the tour as a trio, performing the shows sole acoustic, but reach out to Kitto drummer Jan “J.B” Johansson to take on the drums for the debut album. J.B filled Bäcks spot with excellence and created a solid platform that left them where Flower Punch stands today, as a hungry, inspired and burning force of nature.

Flower Punch has toured Australia, France, Sweden and UK since the start and new shows and countrys are in the making.

The year of the flower is here and the future is yet to be written. The stars won’t align if you don’t watch the sky…